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Do Grocery Stores Grow Food?

Sometimes we may take our food producers for granted. We just imagine that food will automatically be there when we are hungry or just want a bite to eat. A lot of hard work, research and development are done to bring food to your table. This book is basically focusing on the farmers, because they are the ones behind the scene. They get up early before day break while a lot of us are still asleep. The work is hard. However, it is very rewarding to see a small seed grow into a tomato, a cabbage, a cucumber, a potato, a watermelon, and a strawberry plant.

For thousands of years, the farmer was the focus point of the community. Everyone depended on the farmer for food and farming was a large part of the economy for the community. We tend to forget about the basic needs of life with such great advancements in technology. Computers, cell phones and robotics are a vital part of our lives. However, none of these things would be possible without the ideas, creativity, and ingenuity that come from brilliant minds that are nourished from foods that come from a farm.

Today, more than ever, we must focus on the small family farm. So many of them are disappearing. The small family farms are our local farmers that may grow all the things that the large corporation farms grow, but on a smaller scale. They have open farms that the public can visit for education and/or pick their own produce. These are the farmers that participate in the local farmers market.